Increase Efficiency, 

Reduce Costs

We design monitoring, control and optimization solutions using state-of-the-art research for industrial applications, to reduce the waste of resources and energy.

What we offer


Cloud-based software

We design cloud-based software which integrates with your SCADA or Building Management Systems to extend its capabilities though the use of smart algorithms and machine learning.

Real-time State Estimation

At each time-step our system computes estimates of all the system states (e.g., flows, pressures, water quality, room temperatures), as virtual sensors.

Real-time Event Detection

Using research-based state-of-the-art algorithms, the risk of events is evaluated (e.g., for leakage and water  contamination events in distribution systems, or increased humidity in buildings).

Research Commercialization

We specialize in translating research and its associated intellectual property, into innovative products which fit specific commercial needs.

Our Executive Team

George Milis,  PhD
Director and Innovations Manager

George loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience in research, innovation and commercial projects in the software industry, George is a founder and an active management member and is helping the company to get to its vision.   

Demetris Stavrou, PhD
Chief Technical Officer

 Demetris is one of those persons in life who can say they love what they do. He leads the in-house developing team and looks after the whole range of technical activities of the company, from software to hardware solutions. 

Angelos Nicolaou,
Project Business Consultant

Angelos is a valuable economics and market research consultant, helping us to easily understand the numbers and improve them. He is determined to drive success and delivers his professionalism to bring the company at the next level.

Why collaborate with us


Solid foundations

The PHOEBE team has significant experience in business development, as well as in research and innovation activities. The team has worked together extensively in the last 10 years as members of the KIOS Research and Innovation Center Excellence at the University of Cyprus, in various research and innovation projects,  linked to monitoring and control of water distribution systems, buildings, robotics and IoT, which can be demonstrated by the wealth of scientific publication and conference proceedings produced. What’s more, the team has collaborated in various FP7/H2020 projects, all of which were directly involved with the development of novel methodologies for drinking water distribution and smart buildings monitoring, control and event diagnosis.

Key benefits for you

  1. Increase your chances of receiving competitive funding because of straightforward impact maximization and commercialization strategy,

  2. Reduce time to setup real-time pilots and connect industry datasets to researchers,

  3. Eliminate ambiguity in IP ownership; code is created by researchers and is executed from within the University servers as remote (black-box) services,

  4. University IP can be directly commercialized as “apps” in the platform.

Invite us  to demonstrate our solutions!

We would be happy to answer any inquiry you have! The best to evaluate our offers is to invite us in person at your location, anywhere in Europe or in the Middle East, and collaborate to setup a demonstration pilot related to intelligent buildings, smart water networks and others.

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