NanoPro (RESTART 2016-2020), 2020-2022 

In collaboration with the AmaDema (AMDM Ltd), the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) and the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). This is an INNOVATE project, aiming to scale up the production of AmaDema's NanoWeld, which is a patented technology (both as a material, as well as a processing technology). The goal is to reach TRL 8 and facilitate the wider adoption of the technology by the global market, as well as matching the currently expressed demands from international customers. PHOEBE will mainly get involved the design and implementation of a novel feedback control system with online adaptation and learning capabilities of non-linear process dynamics, for the newly developed machine to control the temperature, pressure and speed of the line. 

MARI-Sense (RESTART 2016-2020), 2019-2022

In collaboration with a consortium of 12 other high-profile partners. The goal is to design and develop a one-stop Cognitive Decision Support System essential to entities that need to "make sense of the maritime environment" via intelligent collection, interpretation and meaningful presentation of maritime data. 

Domognostics+ (RESTART 2016-2020), 2019-2021

In collaboration with the UCY-KIOS team and CSTI. The goal is to develop and evaluate an innovative, low-cost, intelligent software/hardware solution designed for building operators to better monitor and control their building systems and reduce their operational expenses due to systems' inefficiencies or previously undetected events (i.e. water leakages, energy losses), based on state-of-the-art research-based data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.

EMPOWER (RESTART 2016-2020), 2019-2022

In collaboration with a consortium of 9 other high-profile partners. The goal is to integrate the PHOEBE IoT platform in the control center of the Cyprus Trans-mission System Operator, to help take advantage of measurements from newly installed IoT devices in the grid.

Roll 'n' Roll (RESTART 2016-2020), 2019-2021

In collaboration with AmaDema (AMDM Ltd). The goal is to design a novel, intelligent, industrial machine for enhancing the manufacturing process, as well as the quality control system of NanoWeld (part of AmaDema portfolio of products) Carbon Fibre technical fabrics processing.


WaterAnalytics (RESTART 2016-2020), 2018-2020

In collaboration with the UCY-KIOS team of the University of Cyprus. The goal is to design an intelligent monitoring platform for water utilities which will allow the integration of smart water apps to help reduce water wastes


Domognostics (ERC Proof-of-Concept), 2017-2018 

In collaboration with the ERC Advanced Grant recipient Prof. Marios Polycarpou, Director of the KIOS Research Center, University of Cyprus.

The goal is to design a novel solution for monitoring building automation systems, detecting and diagnosing any component faults and/or unexpected events, and providing remedial reconfiguration actions, aiming at improving operational efficiency.