Improve Human Comfort, Increase Energy Efficiency in Smart Buildings

Intelligent event diagnosis, machine learning, semantically-enhanced (AI) reasoning, re-configuration of monitoring and control structures 

        Open Challenges

        Buildings consume 40% of global energy and produce 36% of greenhouse gas emissions.

        EU targets have not been achieved (gap of 10-30%).

        5-20% of energy consumed in buildings for HVAC, lighting, water heating is wasted due to faults and inefficiencies.


                Intelligent, 24/7 building monitoring and analytics service

                Detect hidden events

                HVAC deficiencies, low air quality, valve failures, etc.  Detection within minutes/hours instead of days/months 

                Integrate IoT devices

                Allow plug-and-play of sensors, actuators, controllers, and other processing functions

                Smart algorithms

                Combine with building models and smart algorithms, to detect anomalies and learn of unknown occurring events
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                The Domognostics Value Proposition

                Enable building management/automation systems to operate in a more efficient way, thus reducing operational costs and maintenance expenses, as well as liabilities in the case of security-related events.  

                Combination of controls and diagnostics can reduce energy consumption by 40%

                18% improvement in comfort results, 3% productivity increase

                How does it work


                Interoperate and monitor Building Automation Systems

                Detect and diagnose component faults and/or unexpected events

                Provide remedial reconfiguration actions, aiming to improve operational efficiency

                Integrate directly with heterogeneous sensor types, such as IoT devices, mobile sensors, wearables, etc.

                Key benefits


                Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, to learn from experience


                Analytical redundancy of information and measurements


                Semantically-enhanced Reasoning


                Demo Dashboard

                Try our demo dashboard to test out the service before purchasing