Stop leakages, save money

LeakRisk gives you a bird's eye view of what happens in your network. It frees you from the daunting task of analysis, and helps you focus on what really matters.

Challenges in Leakage Monitoring


  • Significant workload for periodic monitoring and reporting
  • Uncertainty in handling measurement errors
  • Uncertainty in accidental human errors
  • Slowly evolving leakages may remain unnoticed and have significant costs
  • Existing software focuses on visualization rather than analysis
  • Limited availability of expert human operators


Intelligent, 24/7 water system monitoring and analytics service

Comprehensive daily leakage-risk reports

Metrics for faster detection of leakages

Data analysis for better informed decisions

How does it work


Integrate SCADA’s DMA flow sensor measurements with the platform though a secure communication channel.

Load historical flow data to improve the quality of analysis.

Filer and analyse sensor data daily. Identify high-risk areas.

Produces and sends a comprehensive report in PDF format with tables and graphs.

Key benefits


Reduces operator workload


Works 24/7/365


Analysis based on state-of-the-art research results


Reduces human errors


Our Offers



€100 / flow sensor / year

One-time setup fee: € 500

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Daily report preparation
  • Free updates
  • Email notifications for highly leakage risk
  • Secure European cloud server


Contact for price

  • All Standard edition features
  • Custom metrics
  • Geospatial Map within the report
  • Integration to existing systems
  • Web dashboard
  • Load 5+ years of historical data



€20000 / deployment

  • Run LeakRisk on your own servers
  • Get all analysis and reporting features
  • Technical support on a contract basis
  • Integration with third systems on separate contract basis
  • Upgrades with new analytics apps on demand

Demo Dashboard

Try our demo dashboard to test out the service before purchasing