PHOEBE IoT Platform™  

THE “APP STORE” for Research applications in monitoring and control

An innovative, cloud-based infrastructure based on open standards, bridging the gap between research in monitoring and control and industrial applications.

Our solution


Intelligent, 24/7 monitoring, control and analytics service

Secure Communication

Retrieves data from industrial systems through secure communication channels


Stores data in cloud-based distributed databases

Big-data analytics

Processes data using distributed computations and big-data analytics

Research-based innovation

Open APIs to integrate research outcomes, e.g. through Matlab®

Modular architecture

Executes algorithms on different machines in a  modular architecture

Open standards

Enables design of customized web and mobile applications through open standards API

Potential applications


Water Distribution Systems

Electric Power Systems

Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

Irrigation Systems



Environmental monitoring


Healthcare (emergency) management


Transportation Systems


Any application that involves time-series data, GIS, simulation models, AI-based and machine learning data analysis


Platform Architecture

Illustrative case study in Water Distribution Systems


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